What is the IoT Silo Problem?

Even though an operational IoT application appears to be an integrated whole, the software running on each connected computing point was probably developed in isolation and cobbled together (i.e. integrated) in an ad hoc way. Each development silo often has different programmers using different hardware specific development tools with no a priori intelligence of how to securely connect and communicate with network neighbors.

Today, it takes too long and costs too much to develop and maintain IoT applications. The result is attenuated feature sets difficult to fix or upgrade in the field once bugs and security vulnerabilities are discovered.


One program . . .
Distributed across heterogeneous computing points,
Acting as a secure, integrated whole.
Routine to fix, enhance and redeploy.

In the Internet of Things (IoT) applications are network-spanning meaning they work across disparate networked computing points. Often sensors and actuators connect to controllers that in turn communicate wirelessly with network edge and cloud-based servers. From an end-to-end application perspective, connected computing points must act in concert and communicate securely. Network Native is pioneering holistic network application conception, development and deployment.

“The Next Wave of Connected Embedded Development” describes the dilemmas facing IoT developers and explains the Network Native vision for revolutionizing how IoT device applications are conceived, built and maintained.

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proof of concept

Arch is a domain specific programming language designed for network-spanning IoT applications. It includes support for hierarchical state machines, message-based APIs, stream and complex event processing, plus more.

The proof-of-concept video demonstrates how an embedded device application (sensor => network gateway => internet cloud server) can be programmed in Arch and then processed by underlying Arch system resources to automatically segment, compile, deploy, and operate across the network as a cohesive whole.

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Network Native is re-inventing how device applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) are conceived, developed and maintained. Based on prior experience building assisted-GPS tracking devices integrated with a Cloud-based management platform, we understand why it takes so long and costs so much to bring new IoT systems to market. Network Native has a better way that will enable 10-times more programmers to realize functioning IoT designs 10-times faster. Network Native aims to revolutionize how IoT solutions are built and make it easier, faster, and much more cost-effective to deliver on the promise of an interconnected world of people and things.

Central to the Network Native vision is the Arch programming language, development, and operations system. As an early stage open-source community project, the Arch system is targeted at IoT solution developers, microcontroller manufacturers in the semiconductor industry and internet Cloud service providers.

Network Native is pioneering the next wave of distributed heterogeneous software. The Arch language, framework libraries, and compiler are becoming an open-source community project. Network Native seeks industry and academic partners interested in early access and influencing Arch’s evolution.

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